40,000 Years is not a Bicentenary

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Ref. No.: 278

Country: Australia
Year: 05.09.1988
Dur: 38.27

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When the British claimed Australia initially as a dump for its social and political outcasts and later as a source of wealth to exploit on behalf of the home country – they took no notice of the fact that something between 300,000 and one million Aboriginal people already lived there. In the law of the colony Australia was declared to be “Terra Nullius” or belonging to nobody. When the British decided it belonged to nobody – they of course took it for themselves. 1988 is the Bicentenary of the first colonial expedition which landed in Sydney. Ironically, recent discoveries in West Sydney have shown continuous Aboriginal occupation of the site going back for 47,000 years. It is generally agreed that the first appearance of Homo Sapiens in Europe was 12,000 years later.

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