Radharc in Retrospect: House Hunters & Cardinal J.C. Hennan

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Ref. No.: 419

Country: England
Year: 24.08.1997
Dur: 25.35

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England Archive

Ref. No.:Title & Year
Ref. 18a/18bCatholic Enquiry Centre & Community Development, Armagh 29.11.1964
Ref. 19Hotel Chaplain 10.01.1965
Ref. 20Oldbury Camp 14.02.1965
Ref. 21House Hunters 28.02.1965
Ref. 22Graiguenamanagh Abbey & Boat Train to Euston 21.03.1965
Ref. 76A Hundred Years After 1972
Ref. 123Call Me Michael 15.12.1978
Ref. 215The Conversion of England 1984
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Ref. 347John Polkinghorne - Portrait 18.03.1993
Ref. 348John Baker, Bishop of Salisbury - Portrait 25.03.1993
Ref. 391Christian Campaigners: The Peacemaker 12.5.1996
Ref. 398The World of Edmund Rice: Lessons and Learning 1996
Ref. 399The World of Edmund Rice: Call to the Margins 1996
Ref. 414Radharc in Retrospect: Boat Train to Euston & Oldbury Camp 20.07.1997
Ref. 419Radharc in Retrospect: House Hunters & Cardinal J.C. Hennan 24.08.1997
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