Men’s Sodality, Cows and Churches



Region 0


Restored from original 16mm elements in 2015, this version of the programme is the closest match to the original broadcast on Irish Television currently possible. The title is an example of the way sections of magazine programmes were sometimes re-cut for repeat broadcasts in the days of early television. ‘Men’s Sodality’ had already been shown previously. The segment ‘Cows and Churches’ seems to have been particularly popular, as it appears under several names in the TV listings of the day, most notably – ‘Milking the Faithful’ and ‘A Tax on Kerry Cows’, also ‘Fund Raising’ under which it was first shown and is listed elsewhere.

Please note:

Due to the archival nature of the media, some of the original sources may be of variable quality.
NTSC copies can be provided for an extra charge.

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