Radharc Awards at Fresh 2015


  • The Radharc Bronze Trophy Award

What Makes Me Happy

For asking in the established Radharc tradition questions that throw light on the feelings and aspirations of young people on what is a serious and interesting subject and which give food for further thought and discussion, the Radharc Trophy Award at Fresh 2015 goes to the film: ‘What Makes Me Happy’ made by Real Youth, Bradog Youth Services.


  • The Radharc very highly commended Award

The Restoration of an Old Irish Fiddle

The Radharc very highly commended Award at Fresh 2015 goes to ‘The Restoration of an Old Irish Fiddle’ by Naoise Kelly from Laois .

This is a film that reflects the photographic artistry of many of the Radharc films , particularly in its use of light and shade and which also shows the deep respect of the craftsman for his subject.


  • The Radharc Highly Commended Award

The Radharc Highly Commended Award at Fresh is being presented to two films which the Jury decided were of equal high quality and both worthy of special mention.


Pre-Celtic Desertages by 6th Class Ahiohill National School

This film re-creates ancient lifestyles and traditions in an imaginative manner and condenses time and space in a cinematic way, in order to tell an interesting and educational story


Trasna Na dTonta by Cappabue National School

The importance of creating a real sense of place was very important in Radharc films. So  by pleasantly setting the scene and creating a similar sense of place by means of historical replication and archival footage and at the same time displaying the importance of preserving lifestyles and a remembrance of historic past events, the second certificate of no less merit goes to ‘ Trasna Na dTonta’ by Cappabue National School